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Air Berlin Flight: Fly In Honour
19.08.2014 17:18
Air Berlin Flight


Air Berlin Flight | Image Resource : wikipedia.org


Dubai is one of the financial capitals of tourism and finance in the world. Gleaming skyscrapers, extravagant buildings, and hot beaches make Dubai tourism special. Holiday trippers and business magnets regularly visit Dubai. Air Berlin is one among the leading airlines which manages flights to the Middle East.


Air Berlin is one of the leading airlines in Germany, which started its operation in the year of 1979. They maintain a high standard in the aviation industry. They had flown with 33 million passengers in these years, which show their consistency. This airline connects Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait and Muscat with Europe, Asia and America.


Air Berlin Flight: Online Booking


Air Berlin flight offers very good packages for families. They allow children below 2 years to travel free with their parents, charges 10% of ticket rates for international flights and so on. Passengers could do online check-in, 30 hours before flight take-off. They also have the option to select their seats and check-in the luggage, online.


Seats in the aircraft are designed with excellent comfort and good leg room. In-flight menu offers passengers various tastes. As a matter of entertainment, all passengers will get an amenity kit and children will get a special kit with drawing tools. The in-flight shopping feature is also available on this flight.


Luggage policies of this airline depend on the ticket fare and class of travel. The airline site provides all the details regarding the luggage policy.


Plan for a family trip to your favourite destination and book your tickets from Berlin Airlines.



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