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Garuda Indonesia Air Flights Tickets - No Better Way to Fly With
21.08.2014 10:45
Garuda Indonesia Air Flights Tickets

Garuda Indonesia Air Flights Tickets | Image Resource : wikipedia.org


Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates, is the second major city in UAE, after Dubai. This city deals with the politics and industrial growth of the UAE. Amazing skyscrapers, strange tropical foods, and various beaches makes Abu Dhabi a hot destination.


The flag carrier airline of Indonesia, Garuda Airlines has its headquarters at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at Tangerag, near Djakarta. Garuda is character from Hindu mythology. This airline has 3 major hubs other than the headquarters. Garuda Airlines manages flights from Indonesia to Jeddah, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. They also fly to other Asian countries, Europe, Australia and United States of America.


The Services and Facilities


Garuda Indonesia Air Flights tickets treat their passengers in traditional Indonesian custom. They welcome their passengers by greeting “Salam Garuda Indonesia”. This airline treats customers with lot of respect. The airline also facilitates the passengers to avail Garuda Indonesia  Flights Ticket on the website of the airline and the customers can enjoy a comfortable ticket booking. 


Other than the online method the customers can also get Garuda Indonesia Airways Ticket through other mediums such as travel agents, mobile apps, and directly from the airport.


Online check-in and many other check-in methods, including mobile check-in reduce the waiting hours in the airport. Head rests are there in the seats for providing comfort to the passengers. In-flight entertainment includes movies, TV series and other audios in AVOD system provided. In-flight connectivity connects passengers with the outer world. This airline also provides in-flight shopping, which keeps passengers busy.


Garuda Airlines allow just one piece of cabin baggage, weighing 7 kg. For more details of luggage policy of this airline, one should check the online website of this airline, which explains the luggage policy in detail.

Fly Abu Dhabi with Garuda airlines in style.



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