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Stylized And Luxurious Journey With Pegasus Airlines!
19.08.2014 16:30

                                                     Pegasus Airlines | Image Resource : sv.wikipedia.org


United Arab Emirates (UAE) is best known for its touristic and commercial values. The Dubai Museum, Burj Khalifa, water theme parks and marvelous beach resorts attracts tourists and travelers from all parts of the world.


Prestigious Pegasus Airlines helps you to travel across UAE with most modern aviation facilities in affordable rates. This low cost Turkish Airline was established in 1990 and it’s main hub is situated at Pendik, Istanbul. Pegasus offers mainly short and medium range services to various destinations, on a point to point basis.

Being Turkey's most well established and popular airline company, it facilitates everyone to travel by air, by providing cheap rates. Even though travelling with this airline is cheap, they don’t compromise in the quality services they provide and ensures a pleasant travel experience to its passengers. Their impeccable services are recognized often and recently won the title of Fastest Growing Airline in Europe, in the year 2011 and 2012.


Cheap Ticket Rates And Services Of Pegasus Airlines:


Booking the airline tickets online is a safe and secure process. You can get the reduced ticket rates and other offers and exciting packages. You can also approach registered travel agencies or airline offices to purchase the tickets.


Delicious Multi-Cuisine meals are offered in-flight and you can pre order your favourite meals through online. Pegasus baggage policy permits you to carry 32 kg of baggage and carry hand luggage around 8 kg. Laptops and hand bags are also allowed and excess luggage is charged according to the policy.


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