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Swiss Airline Online Booking: Fly In Class
19.08.2014 16:21
Swiss Airline Online Booking

Swiss Airline Online Booking | Image Resource : wikipedia.org


Dubai is a land of wonders. With the likes of big malls, greatest man made fountains, shopping centers, and beautiful beaches, Dubai is always one among the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Everyone dreams of visiting the wonders in Dubai at least once in lifetime. Swiss airlines provides the chance to visit the magical Dubai easily.


Swiss airlines, national flag carrier of Switzerland, has its headquarters at Zurich airport. Their registered office is in Basel. They manage many international flights with the help of code shares. They provide many flights from the Middle East to Europe and North America and vice versa. They play a major role in connecting the Middle East with other continents.


Swiss Online Booking: Simple and Fast


Swiss airlines daily operate flights between Zurich and Dubai. So with Zurich as the main hub, passengers from the Middle East could travel to other places.


Online check-in service can be used by passengers in order to avoid waiting time in airports. The online check-in service opens 23 hours before flight take-off. 


Swiss Airline online booking allows economy class passengers to carry a bag weighing 32 kg. Business class passengers can bring 2bags weighing 32 each and first class passengers can bring 3 bags, each weighing 32 kg.  Several other allowances are offered to children and frequent passengers. All such details are available online.


In-flight meals include different types of menu, including gourmet vegetarian menu.In-flight entertainment includes European and American movies, TV series and they even provide special movies for children. Passengers can also do Swiss duty free shopping.



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