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The Magnificent Etihad Airlines!
17.07.2014 11:46

                                                                Etihad | Image Resource : travelstart.com.ng

Established in the year 2003 this fairly young airline has established itself in the aviation business and received recognition at its highest form.  Known to be the national airways of the United Arab Emirates, this airline lives to serve its customers and impress its passengers. The airline shows exactly how hospitable the locals of the country are!


Nothing Better Than Etihad To Take You To Your Dream Locations!


This airline has bagged many awards in the aviation industry such as World's Leading Airline 2009, 2010 and 2011 and still does not fail to create lasting impressions on people that travel by this airline. The staff on and off the aircraft are very friendly and will guide each passenger if necessary. The flights travel to over hundred destination worldwide and helps bridge the world together, slowly but surely.


Some countries that the airlines flies to include parts of Europe, Africa and most of the GCC countries. The tickets of this airline can be booked online as well as through travel agencies. When booked online, all details that are necessary for travel will be clearly mentioned such as flight timings, flight numbers, destinations, number of tickets available etc. and this in turn makes planning a business trip or a holiday very easy!


The baggage that can be carried on the Etihad varies upon the type of ticket that’s purchased by the passenger. The baggage allowance also varies depending on the destination that the passenger is travelling to. There is no hassle if there is excess luggage either, the passenger just has to pay the appropriate sum of money for each extra kilogram.


There is no need to wait around for a holiday anymore. book flights to your dream locations and fly in comfort!

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